V-Day For Singles, 2 Buckets Get $28 Off!

Exclusive ONE-DAY OFFER only! 14 February 2021

Make V-day your best day with friends and have a great time feasting on mouth-watering seafood buckets!

Get $28 OFF any 2 Buckets of your choice* to fill and satiate your seafood-loving bellies. 😋

Order 1 Olympian Bucket ($226) you'll enjoy $28 off too.

Hurry seats are filling fast.

* Buckets eligible for this offer: Poseidon, Lobster Dapster, Olympian, Charcoal Grilled Seafood Buckets.  

Only 1 FREE Milo Tower will be given when claiming this offer. Available for dine-in only.


Olympian Bucket ????????

Serves 5-6

Sri Lankan Crab 500gm X4, Boston Lobster 500gm, Prawns 500gm, White Clams 500gm, Blue Mussels 500gm, Sweet Corn 8pcs, Baby Potatoes 16pcs, and a choice of sauce

Served with Rice Bucket. Choose either White Rice or Rice Pilaf (+$1 per pax)

Charcoal Grilled Seafood Bucket ????????

Serves 2-3

Charcoal grilled Sri Lankan Crab 600g, Crafishx2pcs, Whole Squid 2pcs, Baby Potatoes, and Corn with Kicap Manis sauce. Comes with white rice.

Lobster Dapster Bucket

Serves 2-3

Lobster 500gm, Prawn 500gm, White Clams 500gm, Blue Mussels 500gm,Sweet Corn 4pcs, Baby Potatoes 8pcs, and a choice of sauce.

Poseidon Bucket ????????

Serves 2-3

Sri Lankan Crab 400gm X2, Prawn 300gm, White Clams 300gm, Blue Mussels 300gm, Sweet Corn 4pcs, Baby Potatoes 8pcs, and a choice of sauce.